7-Year Old Boy Cured Instantly With Marijuana Muffins

7-Year Old Boy Cured Instantly With Marijuana Muffins

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Kid with a Host of Mental Imbalances Is Instantly Cured with Marijuana Muffins


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The Problem:
ADHD, PTSD, OCD, ODD, IED, CD, Bi-polar disorder, all in one 7-year-old boy. This is tough, since we’re pretty sure one of those things listed is a nuclear device. Surprisingly, the child was not named Damien. According to the boy’s mother his life was pretty much entirely therapy, medication, and institutionalization. There’s a Charlie Sheen joke in here, for sure, but we’re not going to make it. We’re talking about sick kids here, focus:

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
After trying many medications, the boy’s mother finally got him a prescription for medical marijuana. After eating part of a muffin, he stopped being a complete trainwreck of a human being.

According to mom, that day “was the first day of Jeff’s life, literally!” Ignoring the fact that her misuse of “literally” implies she gave birth to a seven-year-old, this anecdote illustrates a miraculous turnaround for the boy. He is now 8, and apparently living the life of a normal, if maladjusted boy.

Counterpoint (and why it’s wrong):
Social Services filed to remove the child from the home, claiming the mother was unfit for providing him with marijuana.

The courts sided with the mother, finding that she had acted within the limits of California’s medical marijuana laws. The boy was allowed to keep taking cannabis, and has been progressing well with therapy, according to his mother.

SOURCE: ranker.com