Cannabis Helps Man Cope With Hepatitis C

Cannabis Helps Man Cope With Hepatitis C

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Cannabis Stops Hepatitis C from Spiraling Man’s Life out of Control


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The Problem:
Severe pain and discomfort from Interferon treatments

Richard Rodriguez was receiving a body-load of interferon regularly, to combat his Hepatitis C. The side-effects were drastic: full nausea, swollen tongue, complete loss of appetite, pain. He lost his job, his life was a drama of pain and discomfort. His mind began to slip: lots of pain and interferon can do that to a person.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
After consuming cannabis, Rodriguez stabilized. The nausea subsided, his mental problems diminished, and the pain was dulled. He resumed a somewhat functional life, one with actual enjoyment.

Counterpoint (and Why It’s Wrong):
Rodriguez isn’t fully functional, and he never will be with a blood-borne disease running damage on his liver. Now he is dependent on weed, as well, which isn’t inexpensive. All this for a drug that’s not actually treating the symptoms of his disease, but rather the problems encountered from the treatment of that disease. It’s kind of reminiscent of old-timey doctors who thought hanging you upside-down would fix broken bones. Weed would probably make that process easier, too. So, it seems medical marijuana is often best pursued as a last-resort alternative to traditional medicine.