Cannabition: The Stoner’s ‘Container Park’

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, and for some, the world. Millions flock to the city every year to have the glitz and glamour of THE Vice City sprinkled in their eyes. Now that recreational-cannabis has been added to the list of vices, the city is positioning itself as the New Amsterdam of North America. As it constantly exceeds the city’s expectations, cannabis seems to be the new player in town, leading tourist away from the liquor-laden Las Vegas strip and into an older part of the city.


Deep in East Fremont, surrounded by the artistic row of misfit-attractions, sits some of Vegas’ original roots. As the years have gone by the area has been revitalized to fit the lifestyle of artistic types and cannabis has found a niche in the environment. With dispensaries and cannabis-oriented shops slowly taking over the space of the Art District, one particular business, however, is hoping to make a bigger splash than the rest. Cannabition will be the first sensory-immersive and fully interactive cannabis museum and it will soon by the newest addition to the Downtown Las Vegas family.


A Cannabis Museum?


The first reaction to the combination of words is an enigma for most. For many older cannabis consumers, the two words are exciting enough, as out plant has been through a long political and cultural journey. For others, however, one could wonder what could possibly be at a cannabis museum?


For one, Cannabition’s goal is to bring cannabis out of the depths of subculture and black market into the mainstream. Cannabition will be a celebration of the life-saving plant and everything it is today and what it strives to be in the future. Founded by cannabis event production veteran, JJ Walker, the museum will serve a purpose far beyond just getting stoned. After learning about the various art installations that have been blowing up in popularity, why not try cannabis. The idea has been tossed around with hesitation towards the traditional approach but, JJ was adamant on finding something focused on the future of the industry. Capturing the success of his cannabis tourism company, My 420 Tours as well as the appeal of “instagramable” attractions, Cannabition was born. Describing it as “Alice in Wonderland meets Willie Wonka meets your neighborhood drug dealer”, Walker aims to showcase another element of the plant that you may not alwyas see.


In a World of Pure Medicating


While many business owners focus on buying, selling, and cultivation of cannabis products, Walker saw a massive market in the culture surrounding the industry instead. Highlighting some of the greatest things about Cannabis and Las Vegas, Cannabition will be a place to visit, experience and learn about cannabis in a hands-on way.

The museum will showcase the cannabis experience from seed-through-experience; with walls decorated in cannabis slang and memorabilia from the culture, patrons can take a trip through the wonderful world of weed. You can pose with life-sized 420 statues before hugging a 7-foot-tall artificial but realistic bud. Visitors can slide into a pool of nugs and proceed to Indica and Sativa rooms, sponsored by W Vapes, to delight the senses. Indica will feature a calm environment complete with a larger-than-life Buddha statue to pose with. Sativa will quickly get you going again with enough high-energy lights and sounds to make EDC jealous. As you round into the next exhibit, you can feast your eyes on the museums crown jewel, Bongzilla. The perfectly-named piece of glass stands at 24-feet tall, being the world’s largest bong. This piece is custom-made from the award-winning Jerome Baker designs. Though public consumption is not yet legal in the state Nevada, Walker hopes to allow the honor of hitting Bongzilla as well introducing a cannabis lounge in the following room. Those additions will depend on state legislation, hower. For the time being, Cannabition will serve un-infused beers near it’s CBD store, which like Bongzilla, will be the largest in the nation. This and more can be enjoyed all while you learn of the grow process, culture, and elements of cannabis. Cannabition will offer something for the newbies, the connoisseurs, and even those who just may be a little curious.


I know you are as excited as we are but, Cannabition is not open just yet. The museum is slated to open its doors on September 20, 2018, close to the art and music festival, Life Is Beautiful. It will be located at 450 Fremont Street, Suite #140 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Operating hours will be from 4:20 p.m. to midnight. Visitors can purchase tickets online or onsite. To reserve tickets, visitors must select a time frame before proceeding to the next screen. General admission for Nevada residents will be $14.20; guests must have an ID to show proof of residency. Public general admission tickets will be available for $24.20 and VIP tickets will be available for $42. VIP ticket holders can skip the line and will receive complimentary Cannabition swag.

To help you past the time until then, join along as The Social Weed documents Cannabition’s journey. As long as you are at least 21-years of age, you can buy tickets ahead as well. Don’t let too long though; there’s only a limited supply. Come September witness the larger-than-life combination of education and play when you visit Las Vegas and make some short-term memories truly unforgettable.