Cherry Pie HR

Cherry pie strain HR


THC:17-20%, CBD: 0.07-0.11%

Like grandma’s fresh-baked goods cooling on an open windowsill, the Cherry Pie bud leaves passerby drooling with anticipation. Producing a starburst of intoxicating colors, her dark purple leaves and trichome-encrusted pistils make this strain a standout purchase at your local dispensary. Frosted with trichomes and dusted with cannabinoids, Cherry Pie feels sticky to the touch — as should be expected. Dense yet supple, these sticky nuggets of creativity are best dissected with some high-tech tools. From buds to blunts, Cherry Pie fluffs up nicely — with the help of an inexpensive grinder, consumers can easily increase the total surface area to volume ratio of this minty, sweet, and tropical smelling flower. Cherry Pie’s combined compounds instill a litany of long-lasting effects. A pain-relieving antidepressant for the holistically minded, Cherry Pie’s collective terpene and cannabinoid profile is most commonly considered a tool for relaxing the overstimulated minds of today’s consumers.


Providing an elevated mindset with introspective scrutiny, Cherry Pie works its wonders immediately. And because it’s a hybrid with recessive genes and hidden phenotypes, some versions come out leaning more toward the Indica side while others produce noticeable Sativa traits. As such, your individual high will depend on which side of the genetic spectrum is most dominant in that particular cut.


Cherry Pie has been found to be beneficial for patients burdened with bouts of daily stress and anxiety. With roots in both the Sativa and Indica gene pools, Cherry Pie’s collective compounds also help mitigate insomnia, chronic pain, and a general lack of appetite for many.


As is generally the case with many modern strains, Cherry Pie’s flavor morphs based on individual consumption techniques. Once ground up, rolled, and lit as a joint, the Cherry Pie flavors converge on the taste buds. While traces of Cherry Pie’s terpenes bombard the senses and medicate the soul, its aftertaste of pepper and spice overwhelm any perceived cherry flavors. From this guinea pig’s standpoint, the pinesol-like flavors are the most dominant. Cherry Pie is blessed with hints of Girl Scout Cookie-like sweetness. Unlike some fruitier hybrids, Cherry Pie embraces a more earthbound aroma. Spicy smells mix and mingle with the Cherry Pie scents, including a detectable note of citrus and pine (hello, GDP). Beyond the typical aroma of your average high-grade strain, today’s Cherry Pie maintains an incredibly unique fragrance thanks to a collective terpene profile.


Creative – Euphoria – Focus – Relaxation


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