January 8, 2019

Falafel Balls

INGREDIENTS: 1 15-oz. can chickpeas, drained 4 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 1 shallot, roughly chopped 2 tbsp. roughly chopped parsley 1 tsp. ground cumin 1 […]
December 17, 2018
Vegetable Soup

Vegan Canna-Vegetable Soup

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 large leek (white part only), sliced 1 medium onion (yellow or white), diced 1 celery rib, diced 1 […]
November 22, 2018
Sweet Pot-ato Soup

Sweet Pot-ato Soup

Serves 4 Ingredients 3 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut in sections 2-3 tablespoons cannabutter 3 scallions, chopped ½ cup parsley leaves fresh or fried […]
November 2, 2018
Pumpkin Thai Soup

Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Thai Soup

Fix up a simple and easy soup that will warm you from your head to your toes. Great for those who need a recipe that […]
October 9, 2018
Turkey Soup

Cannabis Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Prep time: 10 minutes, 65 minutes cook time 🍴 Serves: 6-8 servings INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons cannabis butter 2 celery stalks 3 carrots […]
September 25, 2018
shrimp fajitas

Special Shrimp Fajitas

Servings: 4 Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds of shrimp peeled and deveined 1 yellow bell pepper sliced thin 1 red bell pepper sliced thin 1 orange […]
September 11, 2018
Rollin' Sushi

Rollin’ Sushi

Making sushi at home is something that does take a little bit to learn, but the rewards are well worth it. With your rolling skills, […]
September 4, 2018
Ganga Honey Burbon Steak

Ganja Honey Bourbon Steak with Mushrooms

Searing this honey bourbon steak  in a cast iron pan until charred on the outside but still juicy on the inside. The sweet and salty […]
July 3, 2018
Avacado-Hemp Salad

Avocado-Hemp Salad

Utilizing hemp is a great way to get protein without resorting to meat! Here is a delicious mix of creamy avocado’s, and protein-rich hemp. Enjoy! Ingredients […]
June 5, 2018

Hemp Brie & Pear Pizza

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups warm water 1 teaspoon natural cane sugar 1 tablespoon active dry yeast 1 tablespoon hemp oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon […]
May 22, 2018
Stoned Sirloin

Stoned Sirloin Steak with Garlic Butter

There are times where a nice juicy steak with butter is just the thing a person needs in their life. We suggest serving this with […]
May 8, 2018
Shrimp Scampi, TSW

Canna Butter Shrimp Scampi

This classic Italian-American dish is definitely a showstopper for all! Impress others with this buttery take on scampi and toast with some wine of your […]
May 5, 2018
Toker Taco

Tokers Taco

Tacos are little morsels from heaven! People from all over have come to revere Taco Tuesday’s and we show our love of tacos via t-shirts, […]
April 24, 2018
Portabello burger

Balsamic Pot-obello

Portobello mushrooms are fantastic for multiple types of recipe’s for their bold taste and wonderful texture. This simple marinated recipe will have your friends begging […]
April 17, 2018
the social weed


A little comfort food goes a long way and this recipe. It definitely hits the spot. Experiment with this mouthwatering Greek delicacy and learn the […]
April 3, 2018
Weed Burger

Weed Burgers

Now you can take your backyard grill-outs and park picnics to a higher level by adding a bit of extra love to your plain old […]
March 20, 2018

420 Crabmeat Casserole

Ingredients 6 slices sandwich bread, torn into pieces ½ cup water 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium yellow onion, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped […]
January 16, 2018
weed Mac n cheese

Ganja Granny’s Smoked Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ingredients 1/2 cup cold cannabutter plus 1 tablespoon melted cannabutter 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter 1 cup flour 4 cups milk 2 teaspoons salt […]
December 28, 2017

Weed Quesadillas

Ingredients 4 six-inch flour tortillas (homemade or store-bought) 2 tablespoons medicated butter or medicated oil** ½ chopped sweet bell peppers 4-6 raw shrimp, chopped 4 […]
December 13, 2017
The Social Weed, Best source for all things Cannabis

Pot Potato Latkes

Yield: 6 latkes Approximate dosage: 5mg THC per latke* INGREDIENTS 4 medium-sized russet potatoes 3 eggs, beaten 2 tablespoons matzo meal 6 tablespoons CYOC Olive […]
September 26, 2017
The Social Weed, Best source for all things Cannabis

Ganja Green Bean Casserole

INGREDIENTS 2 medium onions 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 cup bread crumbs 3 tablespoons marijuana butter 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 3 tablespoons […]
September 12, 2017
The Social Weed, Best source for all things Cannabis

Special Skirt Steak Salad

INGREDIENTS 20-ounce skirt steak Juice of 1 lime 1 tablespoon chili powder 2 bunches cilantro, tough stems removed 1 bunch flat parsley, rinsed, tough stems […]
August 31, 2017
The Social Weed, Best source for all things Cannabis

Bud Burgers

Ingredients 2/3 to one pound of ground beef or turkey Approximately .7 to 1 gram of weed, cleaned and ground into a powder (if it […]
July 31, 2017
The Social Weed, Best source for all things Cannabis

Weed Ramen

Ingredients Stick of butter 2 cups of water Ramen kimchi noodles (enough for one serving) 1.5 to 2 grams of weed Extra flavourings like oregano, […]