Exotic Creations Nerd Rope Review

Nerds Rope Review


Exotic Creations Nerds Rope Review

300mg, Fruit Flavor

Exotic creations was started as a boutique style confectionery located in southern California founded by a small group of 4 friends; Sal, Branden, Tony, and Julio. Exotic Creations Chef Nerd (aka Branden), crafted the Nerds Rope in collaboration with the other Exotic Creations founders. The process began nearly two years ago and after intensive research, expert opinions, and a substantial amount of customer feedback, they have perfected their products. Along the journey the Exotic Creations team discovered a secret that sets their products apart from the rest, They use LIVE RESIN SAUCE instead of food grade oil like other companies. The result of using this is a high quality, pure product with a clean body and mind high effect while keeping the cost at a respectable price for consumers. It’s a win-win situation when you choose Exotic Creations products. Stay lifted CannaFam!

*Presentation – It came in a plastic bag with a cute label. The actual candy rope was thicker on one end (maybe it melted a little in transport) and it was about 6 inches in length.  

*Smell – Not much smell, sweet and fruity at most.

*Taste – Tangy at first, then sweet, then cannabis aftertaste, but not too pungent.

*Texture – Nerds, Gummy was very smooth, not grainy like some other gummies. The combination of gummy and crunchy candy usually isn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all.   

*Effects – I ate the whole thing about an hour before bed, I didn’t feel overly “high” or “Euphoric” effects, but I feel like I seamlessly melted into bed and slipped into a peaceful slumber, which says a lot for me because insomnia is something that has always been an issue. When I woke up I didn’t feel any groggy effects at all, I was actually quite energized and somewhat motivated to get all my weekend chores finished.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sal at a Culture & Cannabis event here in LV. He is a key player in the company and was very friendly and passionate about his products. 🙂 I can’t wait to try the spicy mango flavor and to see what else these guys get out into the market!  Keep up the good work Exotic Creations Team!




*** Culture & Cannabis is a non-consumption event. No THC products were at the actual event. Only friendships made:)

Consume responsibly friends!