Count The Ways: Medicating 101

Ways to Medicate with Cannabis

As cannabis makes its tour throughout our country, with legalization in its wake, the market has boomed. The variety and assortment of products available has had an overwhelming boost with the popularity of the plant growing. From bath products to pain patches and full on 5-course meals, you can find just about anything with cannabis in it these days.
Just how many cannabis products are there though?
We would love to give you that answer but, it would take the rest of the year trying to track them all down and let you know.
What we at TSW can do, however, is show the ways to enjoy them. Cannabis consumers have created numerous tools to help you consume cannabis aside from simply sparking a joint. So let’s count the ways, starting with our tried-and-true:

Papers/Blunt Wraps
For any flowerchild, the first way you learned to consume is with bud and papers. The old school zig-zags are still around and kicking if you want that vintage feel. Nowadays, you can find just about any kind of paper to suit your needs. RAW is one of the top producers with their variety of pure and unbleached papers but, there are varieties to choose from. There are blunt wraps you can use as well, some filled and some pre-dumped if you want the extra element of Tobacco in the mix. If you want something smoother but similar in feel, Hemp based papers are a bit slower burning and are thicker than traditional joint papers. It’s a good medium for someone accustomed to blunt wraps but doesn’t want the harshness of tobacco.
Papers are great for any situation but, rolling is more of an issue for some without proper tools. Like many, you can end up with a lap full of bud if not careful. For long time consumers, it’s usually a go-to.

The more travel friendly alternative to papers. Quick, simple, and straight to the point. Chillums are great for travels alone but Spoon and Sherlock pipes can make smoking and traveling a group affair with ease. The inhale can be harsh, similar to papers, since there is no water involved to soften the smoke. You can always purchase a water attachment for your pipe or a bubbler in place. 

Bongs/Water Pipes
Water pipes and bongs, my personal favorites, can be the more economical choice but it does come with some downsides. The added water element you can get from these can make the process much smoother on your throat. Since the smoke is filtered through water, you actually may smoke less than you normally would, helping you preserve your bud. They save you from those pesky scooby snacks…just don’t get the water in your mouth.
Bongs did need more upkeep as well. Bud can stick and coat the inside of you piece and make the inhale harsh and cause easier breaks in the future. You may save more bud, without regular cleaning, you may be being another piece soon.

Vape Pens/Disposables
Vaping is one of our newest ways to enjoy. It essentially minimizes the risk of smoking by removing some elements. It adds the smoothness of a bubbler to the portable of a pipe in the shape of a small handheld device, usually small enough to fit in your pocket. You can find pens to consume dry flower or cannabis concentrates with. While bud may still leave a lingering smell, concentrates remove that element while also giving you giving a fuller flavor of those Terpenes we keep talking about. With the lack of smell and the discrete nature, most gravity towards these in the legal market.

These are more desktop or at-home options to vape pens. They pack a powerful punch to offset the fact that they aren’t portable. Many of these desktop options use multiple chambers to release the smoke in a smother fashion. If you want all the benefits of gaping but in a stronger fashion, maybe a volcano is for you. If you want something to blend on your work desk, we’ve got something for that too.

Oil Rigs/Nectar Collectors
Some of the newest toys in the market and some of the most diverse. All the benefits of vaping but, since like the vaporizer is more of an at-home ordeal, you can get a stronger experience and customize your rig to your liking. This is not for new users however. Concentrates are much stronger than flower, reaching levels in the 90%. As well, this process usually takes a few more items and education. If flower just isn’t doing it for you anymore or you want something with a little more kick, this might be the route for you.

One of the most powerful and effective in pain management, edibles can be some of the most discreet ways to consume. Be warned, they do have a  delayed effect and can deceive even the most seasoned “stoner”. Infused foods can come in a variety and can be easily made at home. They can sometimes have a lingering cannabis taste but is considered one of the strongest experiences you can get from cannabis.
If the delayed effect is an issue, there are options for faster effects. Tinctures and sublinguals are edibles that begin to take effect almost immediately after you start chewing. They diffuse through blood tissue instead of going through your digestive system so that the effects can ‘t be felt faster. The effects can still range from a couple of hours just as regular edibles.

For those who may be looking strictly for the health benefits, this category is for you. These products are typically produced with CBD but can but infused with THC, in addition or alone. Since they are on the surface of the skin, THC doesn’t not go into your body. This makes it great for those who may not be able to consume cannabis for work reasons but would like to explore the medicinal side of the plant. THC is some transdermal products should be a caution to those, however. The amount of THC is typically to make sure you get the most from the CBD, giving you an “Entourage Effect” with the cannabinoids and Terpenes combined. Sometimes, the THC level is meant aid other things. If you do wish to avoid THC in your system, check to see if the topical or patch is transdermal, meaning it will break the skin’s barrier and enter the bloodstream.

These are the most common methods of consumption but there’s a variety of products to use as a vessel for your Cannabis. Some a little more traditional or others more resourceful. Whether it’s something home-made or modified to give a different experience, always make sure to be safe.