Feds Approve Marijuana Infused Beer

It was only a matter of time before microbrewers hopped onto the cannabis train and made a cannabis beer – Aurora’s Dad and Dudes’ Breweria is home to both Dude’s Brews (read here for the story behind the name) and a short menu of Italian favorites like calzones, pizza, and salads. While cannabis-infused beer is nothing new in states like Colorado (in fact, Dude’s already produces the popular Dank IPA, Sativa IPA, and Indica Double IPA), federal approval for them is. To be clear, these beers don’t contain THC, but they do contain cannabidiol, the cannabis-derived infusion that has helped so many people healthwise…this beer may even be good for you!

What’s Brewing at Dad & Dude’s Breweria?


Dad and Dudes Breweria is a brewery and a restaurant, producing microbrews, pizza, and other excellent pairings. Dad and Dudes actually started brewing cannabis-infused beers a few years ago in 2010 under the name Dude’s Brews, but has only just received approval from the federal government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While it has been legal for Dad and Dudes and other local Colorado breweries like Oskar Blues to brew cannabis-infused beers and distribute them only in Colorado, now Dad and Dudes can distribute all over the United States, primarily because there is zero THC content in their beers. D&D’s new beer line, known affectionately as General Washington’s Secret Stash, has been approved for distribution in other legal recreational states like Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. The beer can also be distributed in non-legal recreational cannabis states like California and others because of the federal approval. According to Westword, commercial breweries can’t make cannabis-infused beers – not even in Colorado, and that’s why you won’t see a Coors cannabis beer on the shelves yet. The reason for this is that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau will not license your brewery if you do.

Why is D&D Brewing CBD-infused Beer?

D&D Breweria co-owner Mason Hembree created the brew as a way to tap into his love of beer and his belief that cannabis has other things to offer besides the THC-induced high: “The non-psychoactive compounds are so important and have so many benefits,” Hembree stated. He also noted that everyone involved with the cannabis-infused beers supports removing cannabis from the federal drug scheduling list. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, you know that marijuana-almost-anything is big business, and high CBD-infused beers like George Washington’s Secret Stash are no exception to this rule. According to Westword, there are over 300 breweries in Colorado, and now that D&D’s beers have been approved, many of them will likely try to approve CBD-infused beers if possible. The health benefits that CBD may grant to consumers can only add to the enjoyment of a fantastic, flavorful beer at a celebration or just after work with your buddies.

What Other Breweries Have Produced Cannabis-infused Beer?

In February of 2015, Hop Barley and the Alers of Boulder, Colorado, became the first home-brew club to initiate a marijuana-based category at the Reggale and DredhopBJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) competition. Yeah, that was a mouthful, but if you home-brew then you know what I’m on about. There are several other breweries with cannabis-inspired beers – most notably Lagunitas, a California brewery, produced Kronik, but later had to change the name to Censored (perhaps they will change it back following November’s vote on legal recreational cannabis). Dark Horse Brewing of Michigan produced Smells Like Weed IPA, but also had to change the name to Smells Like a Safety Meeting. Oskar Blues’ cannabis-related (but not infused) selections include Pinner Throwback Session IPA and Blue Dream IPA, referencing the well-known and very popular strain of cannabis by the same name. If you’re into CBD beer, and who wouldn’t be – check out Dad & Dude’s kickstarter page, become a “Rebel founder” on Dude’s brew packaging forever (or at least while they are producing this beer), or just brew your own.