Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Off In Michigan House Of Representatives

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Representative Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) is ready to launch his marijuana decriminalization bill in the Michigan legislature. He’s nearly ready to sign co-sponsors onto the bill, and is already seeking those endorsements.

The bill would not only decriminalize cannabis, it proposes to tax and regulate marijuana sales. The proceeds from the tax would be designated to fund roads and substance abuse programs.

Rep. Irwin’s bill would enact an excise tax that scales from 5% at the beginning of the program to a final total of 10% of marijuana sales. Those transactions would also be subject to the state-imposed 6% sales tax.

Read the letter from Rep. Irwin at: http://thecompassionchronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/Co-sponsor-memo_marijuana-legalization.docx

Other marijuana-related bills have been introduced in the past but have not been given the attention they deserve due to the party conflicts that exist within the Michigan legislature. “A good bill is still a good bill even if the Republicans are unlikely to pass it,” Rep. Irwin told TCC. “As one Representative, it is my duty to push for changes that would make Michigan better. This is one such initiative and each effort moves us closer to our goal. Passing this bill would be a great success for Michigan, but even just introducing it brings about discussion on the issue.”

The announcement came in the form of a letter circulated by Rep. Irwin among his fellow House members. In that letter, Irwin wrote, “Legalizing marijuana will bring a black market cash crop under regulated control.”

The Michigan legislature is in recess for summer break but will resume debate again in August.

Encourage your local House Representative to become a co-sponsor on Rep. Irwin’s bill by writing them an email or calling their office, Rep. Irwin told The Compassion Chronicles. “They can call their State Representative and ask that they co-sponsor or commit to support the bill. Registering your request is important but it’s also important to request an answer. The public deserves to know where their representatives stand. ”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles