May The Force Be With You: The 7 Best Strains to Celebrate Episode 7

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With the Premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’re especially excited to bring you this year’s strains to help celebrate the galactic holiday. Without further adieu, we bring you the strains that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away…

1. Ewok

While this hybrid doesn’t hail from the forest moon of Endor, its creative, cerebrally-focused effects would have helped its furry namesakes defeat the Galactic Empire. Whether you need to destroy a shield generator or just gear up for day-long Star Wars marathon, this strain has you covered.

2. Darth Vader OG

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This indica will convert you to the dark side through sheer force of will. Like the black-cloaked Sith himself, this strain will figuratively force-choke by way of its tingly, sleep-inducing effects. Not for the faint of heart, you’ll truly show how high your midichlorian count is if you manage to stay awake through all seven episodes while consuming Darth Vader OG.

3. Deathstar OG

OCS1JBjCRsuokprowXq7_Deathstar OG
It doesn’t take a full 24 standard hours, but this indica does have a slow onset that gives way to euphoric relaxation, much the same as felt by Tarkin following the destruction of Alderaan. Great for day or nighttime use, this strain will help prepare you to maintain a massive superlaser or just a relaxing evening at home with your fellow stormtroopers.

4. Master Jedi

U5MfgvqTPizpFT0vuTXw_Master Jedi
This strain will help you cultivate patience, logic, attentive listening, and tolerance – skills paramount to the Jedi way – through its relaxed, uplifting effects. Whether you’re at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant or keeping the peace in the outer rim, this is most definitely the indica you’re looking for.

5. Skywalker

It’s unlikely this strain will motivate you for a hard day of work on moisture farms of Tatooine, but it will definitely help you to unwind after. Its decadent blueberry flavor will provide a tasty treat, while its euphoric, relaxing effects will put you right to sleep.
pJd3aRCCQVKM5rGcu1FX_Skywalker OG
After all they’ve done to preserve the Jedi Order, we couldn’t help but give the Skywalker family two slots on our list. The Force is strong with this indica-dominant hybrid, helping its consumers to pick up on the euphoric and relaxing energy that resides in all living things. Be careful though: too much and you’ll relax yourself right into a long slumber.

7. Master Yoda

3Q8x8LqRz6H8qsccq7P2_Master Yoda
With lab-tested THC levels that reach over 20%, strong medicine Master Yoda is. A 1st place winner at High Times Cannabis Cup, it seems likely this strain is the Grand Master of the hybrid order. It will get your creative juices flowing, helping you reach euphoria that will allow you to see clearly – perhaps clearly enough to sense Senator Palpatine’s true identity. But even if you can’t circumvent the Clone Wars, you’re still guaranteed a great time with this hybrid.
By Leafly