Purple Rose Supply Cannamold Review

purple rose cannagar mold



Ever had a Thai Stick before?

Only some have had the opportunity to partake in the stoner Holy Trinity. It goes by many names but, the traditional make-up follows as ⅓ Bud, ⅓ Concentrate, and ⅓ Kief rolled in a cannabis leaf. Skewed with a stick of bamboo and kept tight with hemp rope, the top-shelf product can endure a 4+ hour sesh.

In 2019, the new name is ‘Cannagar’. One of the downsides to these products, however, are the cost. The quality and quantity of the ingredients needed to do the cannagar justice can come with a steep price tag. Even so, many have no idea how to even start the process of creating, which can also cause a markup in labor hours if you are shopping at a dispensary. With the growth of legalization, it seems shops have priced us out of our own culture. No need to lose hope, however. To help you get the best smoking experience without breaking the bank, Purple Rose Supply has answered our Thai Stick prayers.


As we discussed before, cannagars are the newest trend to take the industry by storm and Purple Rose saw the demand and begin providing an accessible and affordable option, unlike what you would find in a dispensary. We’ve all heard the stories on the $10,000 cannagar and, despite how awesome that is, most people don’t have that kind of disposable income. Why not treat yourself by rolling your own classy cannabis instead?


I tried Purple Rose Supply’s G2 small-sized mold as a quick way to make a cannabis cigar. The process without the mold can be lengthy and, for first timers, can be pretty messy; another factor are the high-cost when purchasing them. The overall use of the product is very simple and straightforward.  

Step. 1

Grind/Break down buds to add to the mold. Preferably, don’t grind your weed to fine or you might get some scooby snacks.


Step. 2

Fill the mold in small amounts and using packing tool to get it as tight as possible. The mold can fit 6-7 grams so don’t be shy!



Step. 3

Let sit for at least 3 hours to a full day as recommended for the best results. The longer the hold, the smoother the smoke (also less likely to fall apart and commit the sesh-foul of the century).


Step. 4

Wrap with your favorite blunt wrap or leaves and Enjoy!!

Check out PRS’s video on preparing your own cannabis here. Before rolling in either a wrap or leaves, feel free to add concentrates or kief to inner coating of the wrap. The quality of your cannagar will rely heavily on the quality of cannabis you use so, choose wisely. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to elevate your smoke sesh, I can say the mold is your best bet. You can pay $44-$50 for the mold while dispensaries regularly charging $100+ for one per-made cannagar. For me, it’s a no-brainer dawg. Get a Cannamold from Purple Rose Supply!

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