Types and Benefits of Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

As we go through our sort of introduction to cannabis, it’s only natural that we would stop around concentrates at some point. They are one of the newest items on the cannabis market and are known as something a bit stronger than what most are accustomed to. They lack any sort of delay like traditional bud and with potency levels that get up to the high 90s, they can be appealing to the eye but, they are a bit of a different experience than a regular joint. As well, there are actually a lot of different types of concentrates.

Despite the popularity of vaping, most people don’t really know much about the oils and waxes they are buying. Luckily, the Social Weed is here to walk you through some of the most popular types of concentrates and their benefit.
So grab your torches and let’s get started.

The most common and typical cheapest option of shatter. It typically appears more glass-like with amber color. The hue of shatter can be more Brown or Yellow depending on the color of the bud and quality. Many of these waxes can be made as either CO2 oils or BHO hash. The quality has been long debated but, they both are typically available in most shops. BHO is typically more popular with it’s higher terpene levels and cheaper production. CO2 on the other hand is a safer and cleaner product but, it can at times reach lower levels in potency. Shatter, in general, usually has potency levels anywhere from 70%-95% and is perfect for dabbing.
Shatter can be a bit harsher to taste and, with all concentrates, can be rough on the throat if inhaled too hot. It is one of the most cost effective concentrates.

A little spongier in texture, crumble can have potency levels similar to shatter. In addition to crumbles softer appearance, it can also have a less harshness to it’s hits. It’s produced at a lower temperature which also gives it higher terpene results. Because of crumble’s cheesy texture, it’s not easily used on a rig. Crumble is usually best in a vape pen, sprinkled on top of a bowl, or rolled into your joints.
Crumble is much smoother as far as it’s inhale, a better option for those who find Shatter too harsh.

Texture and terpene levels are a big thing amongst concentrates. Given the term concentrate, they are more refined and stronger version of cannabis flower. Distillate is a more refined version of CO2 oils, typically used in oil cartridges. It’s usually more transparent and, because of its molecular distillation process, it naturally has less flavoring. It has higher THC than many other concentrates with a smoother hit. Terpenes can also be added back into products for better flavoring. Distillate is also already heat-activated, if purchased outside of a cartridge it is ready-to-use.

Because of the loss of terpenes during the distillation process, they can be added back in a number ways. Sauce, a more soupy distillate wax, is the product of bud extracted terpenes being added back in. It gives a premium feel with the smoothness of the hit and the burst of flavors. The experience can come on very strong and be long lasting. Sauce is typically on of the highest priced types of concentrate because of the added steps in the process.

Since we are talking about more “luxury” concentrates, rosin is actually the newest. Because of it’s solventless procedures, it’s also seen as one of the best products with the least amount of risk as well. Opposed to other concentrates that are created with chemicals to extract THC, Rosin is simply created with bud and heat. It was previously done with hair straighteners, believe it or not. Now, however, there are professional presses available to make the process much quicker and easier. Because there are no chemicals being used or no process of adding terpenes back into the product, cultivators have to use premium bd to even make Rosin. Rosin, the more vegan option, has potency levels that can vary between 70%-90%.

Known to many as the Holy Grail of cannabis concentrates and products, Moonrocks are a trifecta of potency. Traditional made with Girl Scout Cookies flower, -any type of bud works fine however- its nugs are dipped in oil and rolled in kief. Despite the two flower parts, it’s still considered a concentrate with it’s high potency and infusion. Also as a result from its flower base and variety of ways to create it, the smoothness and flavoring can vary but are closer to that of regular bud. Because of the added elements, Moonrocks and Rosin tend to be in the same price range. Because of the process of their creation however, they are both a must-try for any cannabis consumer looking for the best of the best.