How Medical Cannabis Gave This Little Girl a Second Chance

How Medical Cannabis Gave This Little Girl a Second Chance

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Kyla Williams was born with a severe form of childhood epilepsy that caused her to suffer two hundred seizures each day. Physicians in Vancouver prescribed her to all of the most commonly used pharmaceutical powerhouses in an attempt to quell the seizures, but nothing was helping.

Then, unexpectedly, after trying an alternative therapy treatment of medical marijuana oil, which remains prohibited by Health Canada, Kyla has been seizure free for three weeks.

When Kyla was born, her parents Courtney and Jaren were given news from physicians that no parent is prepared to hear. Courtney explained,

“Every time she seizures her brain deteriorates, so she was not given a long life”

To which Kyla’s father, Jaren, added what he was told by doctors,

“She is going to have a very short life and we might as well start planning a funeral for her right away.”

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Just when Courtney and Jaren thought they were out of options, they heard about the success that other children with epilepsy were having with cannabis oil therapy.

Feeling like criminals in an area of legal uncertainty, they decided to risk it and meet someone in a parking lot to purchase some cannabis oil on the black market. Courtney mixes just two little drops of the oil into Kyla’s food each day, and she has not had a seizure since using the cannabis oil.

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After just a few days, Kyla’s maternal grandmother, Elaine Nuessler reported,

“Courtney phoned me and said mom, she hasn’t had a seizure… I can’t tell you what that did for us.”

The cannabis oil treatments have not only halted the seizures, but for the first time in her young life, Kyla is demonstrating key traits of childhood development like grasping the hands of her father, Jaren, when he holds her. Jaren explained to CTV News with emotional surprise, “She hasn’t normally done that before.”

To add to the controversy, Kyla’s grandfather, Chris Nuessler, is an ex-police officer who never expected to become a medical marijuana advocate. After witnessing Kyla’s life-changing success with cannabis therapy first hand, he has joined the momentum of patient forces demanding that Health Canada grant safe access to medical marijuana oil on behalf of Kyla and all others.

The Williams and Nuessler families have high hopes for Kyla’s future thanks to medical marijuana.

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Although what information is available is definitely promising, in the grand scheme, there has been little to no research on the long-term effects of medical marijuana therapy in the treatment of epilepsy.

Recently, clinical trials for targeted cannabinoid therapy of only cannabidiol (CBD) oil have been approved and are underway in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the future, once the dust settles in the aftermath of the War on Marijuana, it will be important to research whole plant therapies as well as the targeted cannabinoid treatments.