Jesus’ Cannabis Miracles, Experts Claim

Miracles are not unheard of when discussing cannabis. As we look at all the triumphs it accomplishes, one wonders where it all began. The Social Weed, looked for you and, we found, that some experts have a lot of opinions on cannabis history. We all know, cannabis appeared in BCE but, mainly for agricultural purposes. It wasn’t openly used for medical purposes until later in the BCE era. During the time, one major miracle figure might have used it unbeknownst to those around. It’s always joked the cannabis is a gift from a ‘higher power’ but, what it actually was that and so much more.

Experts claim that cannabis-based anointing oil was used in biblical times by Jesus Christ and his disciples. Though only a handful of scriptures even mention anything along the lines of hemp, some claim that there is a deeper connection to the plant. According to archeologist claims,


“The holy anointing oil, as described in the original Hebrew version of the recipe in Exodus, contained over six pounds of keneh-bosum – a substance identified by respected etymology, linguists anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis extracted into about six quarts of olive oil along with a variety of other fragrant herbs.”


The translation of ‘keneh-bosum’ has been argued but many believe it to be cannabis.

When smoked or ingested cannabis can have certain effects but, if made into an oil-base, it can be used for a variety of skin and eye conditions as well. Considering the miracles that Jesus Christ bestowed, the ‘greenier’ definition is what author and cannabis researched, Chris Bennett believes. The whole idea can seem a little ridiculous but, again, we’ve heard stranger stories in cannabis. Bennett believes, though there is small proof, that many “magnify historic events in order to make them appear more miraculous.” He in no way doubts that miracles did occur, he only speculates as to what was being used in the encounter. He refers to scriptures Mark 9:- 14-29 where Jesus comes across a demon-possessed boy. The passage at one point reads,


“…Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground. He foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth and becomes rigid..”

-King James Version Bible, Mark 9:17


These would also describe an epileptic seizure, something cannabis is known to be effective against. This is one of the many situations where Bennett feels, cannabis was used and, as a result of its normalcy, no one really thought much of it.


“In the ancient world, diseases such as epilepsy were attributed to demonic possession…Interestingly, cannabis has been shown to be effective in the treatment of not only epilepsy but many of the other ailments that Jesus and the disciples healed people of such as skin diseases, eye problems, and menstrual problems.”


The revelation is more of an echo of cannabis’ medical attributes but, if you are reading this you probably are already aware. With our rising opioid epidemic in the United States, those with legalized cannabis saw an overall 14.4% decrease in prescription use. Opioid addictions attribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths every year but, cannabis is slowly tipping the curve as an alternative. Opium was a raising substance at that time as well. It’s ironic to think that it’s doing the same now as it was back then.

Based on Bennett’s research, cannabis was more normalized in biblical times than it is today. The belief made not be strong enough for the more religiously-devoted to accept but, the loose findings can back up the actual medical research that has been done. It’s not set in stone or outright said but, the possibility of cannabis having a place is there. Whether it’s true or not, cannabis has worked miracles in this day-and-age for you to read about and learn from. Everyday cannabis saves lives and, with legalization, we aim to help more.