New Medicinal Options from Cannabis Research

In the coming weeks, cannabidiol’s schedule 1 listing will have to be reviewed by the DEA. Though it’s been proven many times that the cannabinoid has resulted in medical miracles, it’s still deemed as the opposite. Schedule 1 claims that a substance in that category is highly addictive and has no medicinal uses.i

With the FDA’s approval of a cannabis-derived medicine for children with two specific types of epilepsy, however, the time has come for the DEA to revisit the substance s standing. In its aid, research continues to surface, giving the agency more reason to side with cannabis in regards to its medicinal value. For this change, we will.need all the medical research we can get to prove our case for both CBD and cannabis as a whole. In this particular case, research has provided a new form of cannabis medication is making it easier to consume.


A medical cannabis company based out of New York, PharmaCann, has created a new capsule that they claim will last longer and absorb better. This is a step forward in the realm of medical cannabis-derived items as most still shy away from some inconsistency in dosage and effectiveness. PharmaCann, however, is the last phases of creating a first-of-its-kind delivery method that goes beyond what has been previously available.


“This product helps improve quality of life for patients and they report that it lasts longer and feels stronger than other oral delivery options, meaning they only need to take it twice a day instead of three or four times,” said Chris Diorio, director of Research and Development at PharmaCann. “The capsules are especially convenient for those who find it difficult to use other forms of cannabis or prefer the discretion of taking medication in oral form…This breakthrough reflects PharmCann’s commitment to innovation to ensure we provide patients the most effective and high-quality product,” said Diorio. “By combining this established technology with our own unique production methods, we can provide patients the effectiveness of smoking cannabis in a convenient and often more preferable oral form.”


The capsules, which are patent-pending, are the first to use a self-emulsifying drug delivery system, otherwise known as SEDDS which aids in the absorption of the product.

Both THC and CBD are fat and alcohol-soluble which makes products that need to dissolve in water more difficult when retaining potency. With SEDDS, the absorption of fatty compounds in the stomach and intestines help to bypass the liver.

According to Ganjapreneur, “…this averts the “first pass effect,” in which the liver metabolizes medication, preventing much of it from getting into the bloodstream. Instead, the goal is that cannabis in the capsules is absorbed partially by the lymphatic system, resulting in higher levels of cannabinoids circulating in the bloodstream and providing patients a more uniform and predictable experience.”


The capsules, at the moment, are only available in its state of origin, New York. The company does have plans to launch its odorless and tasteless capsules in Illinois by the early fall. They will come in both high THC and CBD options three varying types of cannabinoid profiles.