Piece Water Product Review

Brand: Piece Water

Product: Piece Water Solution


One of the biggest headaches for anyone who loves glass is the upkeep. Looking for that prized next piece is one thing but, after a few bowls, you may find it’s just not hitting the same -and may not be as easy on the eyes. Cleanliness of your cannabis paraphernalia is not only a matter of aesthetics but, it will also help it last the test of time. As the use of your water bong continues, sticky-glue like resin will form, overpowering the taste of your bud and eventually begin to deteriorate the quality of your piece. To combat this, most consumers regularly make trips for an isopropyl alcohol and salt combination. We’re more modern-day consumers at The Social Weed, therefore, we have modern approaches to the problem.

Let us introduce: Piece Water


The simply-named piece solution may be the best thing to happen to water pieces. As an avid bong user, the constant cleaning of your piece can be a love-hate relationship. Piece Water, however, aims to make the process more efficient. Piece Water may at first glance seem like a bong cleaning solution but, it’s in fact, so much more. The water-appearing solution is used in a clean bong for it to have the best effect. Pour the solution to the desired point and allow it to keep your bong clean as you smoke up to 40 bowls! Made of a unique proprietary blend of safe-all-natural mineral oil in addition to vegetable and fruit oil, Piece Water solution prevents residue from forming in your bong by suspending it inside. Despite the mixture of oils, the solution looks and taste just like water, never compromising the taste and smoothness of anything. The solution is non-toxic and 100% natural and made with food grade ingredients. So, we tried Piece Water out to see just how easy it made #bonglife.


Bong Test


Gone are the times of cleaning my bong twice a week. I wish it wasn’t but, it is what it is. Piece Water for sure made my life easier. It appears like regular water – with a slight color- when added to a clean bong. There is no measuring required, simply pour into a clean piece. Loading a bowl and taking a hit feels no different from what it normally would, which I appreciate. Many cleaning solutions leave a hard-to-remove smell. It’s refreshing to not have any foreign smells or taste from the solution. I honestly forgot that it was there until friends pointed out the suspended gunk inside the bong. This is an unexpected fascinating bonus of the product as you can better inspect what could be covering your bong. The experience is a bit trippy, watching as the resin refuses to cling to the side of my quartz.

I went a full week without the heavy build-up that I would normally get in two days. The experience was nothing short of awesome seeing that the solution amazed all the sesh-participants and didn’t change the way my water bong hit either. According to their site, Piece Water can even be stored in a refrigerator for cooler hits. And just in case you were wondering, it works with dry flower and concentrates!


The Verdict


I love this product! I plan to buy more and encourage everyone to do the same. Keeping my bong clean is a bittersweet hassle and Piece Water made it more simple than any cleaning solution that I’ve tried. I could see this option being an issue for extreme germaphobes but, for the most part, I can’t find a fault in the product.

It has classy and aesthetically pleasing packaging that would blend with any cleaning products. If cannabis-related items have packaging, it usually isn’t very discreet. Piece Water is the definition; especially considering the oil-base that closely resembles water until the end. This product is great for habitual bong users, new and old. Many newcomers to glass can be turned off by the upkeep it takes; this would be a perfect gift coupled with someone’s first bong. The consumer on-the-go could benefit from the easier and preventative cleaning process.