Weed Helps Man With Shattered Body

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Weed Helps Man with Shattered Body


Weed Helps Man with Shattered is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 7 Marvelous Medical Marijuana Miracles

The Problem:
The redundantly-named Martin Martinez crashed his motorcycle and fractured his skull.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
This one’s different. Doctors were perplexed by Martinez retaining almost all of his cognitive ability and suffering little cerebral damage despite breaking his head open. Study led researchers to conclude that a lifetime of chronic marijuana use protected Martinez’ head. So, if you’re a stoner and you ride a motorcycle, you’ve somehow hit the magic bullet of deathproof.

Counterpoint (and Why It’s Wrong)
How exactly does a bongload a day protect people from bashing their brains out? It sounds preposterous, and is ridiculously understudied. So any claims made at this point will be primarily based upon anecdotal evidence.

However, using THC, doctors have figured out a medicine that blocks brain injury after head damage. So, the science is there, they just need clinical studies to back it up.

It seems “treatments” involving marijuana is promoted in the media. However, without extensive study, these cannabis medicine regimens can be said to be no more reliable than some random ancient Asian folk medicine herbs. So, while cannabis is obviously effective in certain niche situations where no other remedy can be found, it is a huge pile of data away from the claim that it is a general panacea for pain and chronic illness.

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