Weed Ramen

Weed Ramen

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Stick of butter

2 cups of water

Ramen kimchi noodles (enough for one serving)

1.5 to 2 grams of weed

Extra flavourings like oregano, chili, hot sauce and cheese


First, light the stove and heat the pot on a medium flame. Then add the water and heat it only on medium flame, don’t let the water boil. Now, add the weed to it because if the water temperature hits 365 degrees it will begin to vaporize the weed. Make sure to grind up the weed well beforehand so there aren’t big chunks of weed in the mixture.

For the next step, add quarter of a stick of butter to the water and weed.  Butter is a very essential ingredient because THC in weed is fat soluble so the butter binds the weed to the fat, otherwise the weed won’t get absorbed by the water.

Keep the mixture on medium heat for about 20 minutes until the weed turns into a brownish colour. Meanwhile, keep the packet of kimchi noodles and its flavour packet open and ready.  By now the butter will melt in well and the weed should look right. If you feel that the water is starting to boil you can take it off the flame for a few minutes and then put it back on.

Letting the weed cook with the water and butter for about 20 minutes generally gives the best results. The mixture will smell similar to cooking broccoli but you can make out a distinct weed smell. If you want to mask the smell of the weed you can add oregano or some chili flakes and that will do the trick.  Depending on your personal choice you can strain out the buds from the mixture before adding the noodles or you can leave them in as they don’t taste so bad. You can add other seasonings like hot sauce or Tabasco sauce to mask the weed taste.

Finally, add the kimchi and the flavorings to the water and stir it around with a spoon till it softens. Turn up the heat just a little bit and let the noodles cook for 5 minutes. Once it’s cooked, pour the entire contents into a serving bowl. If you don’t like the broth of ramen noodles you will miss out on the weed essence in the broth because that’s where it will be the strongest.

To make it better you can add extra flavourings like cheese. You can grate some cheese into the serving bowl and pour the soupy noodles over it. Grate some more cheese over the ramen noodles and you are ready to go!

SOURCE: thecannabist.co