DIY Facial Toner

Facial Toner

The combinations are Non-GMO, free of parabens, toxicities, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, & Vegan. It is for anyone and everyone, and safe for children. There is no need for added scent or artificial colors. All natural scents and recipes to enrich your cannabis lifestyle!

DIY facial toner:

  • 1.5 oz Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil,
  • 16 oz 100% pure Witch Hazel
  • 0.5 oz Rose Water


1.) Combine above ingredients in a larger bottle shake together and distribute in smaller bottles for easy to use or on the go toners (Perfect for travel)


This All-natural Astringent naturally combats acne, decreases oil, redness, inflammation, smooths scars, and lessens any bacteria. An even more moisturizing product, witch hazel is known for toning skin day and night, but not drying out your face. With the combination of the added benefits of omega 3’s and 6’s contained within the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil combined with witch hazel blend, amps up your skincare regime.
When I purchased all natural Rose Water spray by itself I was confused as to when I Should ‘spray’ my face, it also was thin and wet, and I felt sometimes my skin did not completely absorb the rose water benefits by itself. With the combination of the Toner, along with nurturing benefits to leave skin moisturized and refreshed afterward. You will never feel dried out or itchy due to this combination.


Safe to use morning and Night for Skin. I use at night directly after I have washed my face with an all-natural gentle cleanser at night before bed. In the morning, I use the toner again first thing in the morning (without washing face) as I find it gently moisturizes and takes away any dirt or oil (sweat) which may have taken place when getting my beauty rest. (lovely) Makeup is a wonderful thing, but it does pick up bacteria (from brushes) or just throughout your day from dirt and air, bacteria or dust can stick to your face.