Krispy Kreme Donuts

Mmmm… my insides warm-up just thinking about these Homemade medicated krispy kreme doughnuts. They will melt in your fingers & your mouth! The THC-infused glaze packs a power punch. Best to be careful with these delectable doughnuts because it’s hard to eat just one! 🙂


1. In a large measuring bowl, combine the milk and boiling water. Add a teaspoon of the sugar and the yeast. Stir it gently, then leave it in a warm place for the yeast to activate. It will look foamy

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, the rest of the sugar, and the salt. Cut in the butter using your fingers or a pastry blender, until it resembles crumbs.

3. Add the egg and yeast mixture to the flour mix, and mix into a smooth dough. This usually takes about 5 minutes of mixing.

4. Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured counter and knead for about 5 to 10 minutes—it should feel springy and little bubbles should form under the surface. Place it back in the bowl, cover with a cloth or plastic wrap, and let rise for about an hour until double in size.

5. Once risen, place the dough onto the counter and cut it into 4 pieces. One piece at a time, stretch it into a long rope about an inch to an inch and a half wide. Cut strips about an inch long, ball em up with your hands, and place them on a baking tray or wire rack to wait. Cover the donut holes with a cloth to rise. Cover the donut holes with a cloth to rise

6. Heat the oil to 375F. Place the donuts into the oil and fry until golden brown on each side, about 2 minutes. Only cook a few at a time so they don’t overcrowd and stick together.

7. Drain on a paper towel or wire rack over a cloth, before glazing them.

8. Combine ingredients for the glaze. Dunk cooked donuts in warm glaze and place on a paper towel or wire rack to dry. Reheat glaze if it cools too much. It needs to be warm while dunking donuts to get that yummy Krispy Kreme effect.